Posted on September 17 2015

Fall, we have been waiting for you - just like we have been waiting for these pieces from Japanese brand, Still By Hand. As their name would suggest, each and every piece has come into being through the handiwork of artisans.  Their line consists of unique staple pieces with modern silhouettes, all handmade in Japan, and we are super excited to have a select assortment in the shop for fall. 

We recently hung out with local photographer Andy Bokanev for some beers and bikes at the Panda Moto workshop to capture some of the pieces as we took them for a spin. 

 STILL BY HAND Elbow Patch Wool Cardigan

Pictured here is our friend, Travis, the man behind Panda Moto. Travis is an aficionado on many things, but bikes are probably at the top of his list (with obscure music trivia being a close second).

"The Panda name was a bit of a joke. Around 2003 my brother and I saw a Japanese  motorcycle magazine called Road Rider, it blew my mind. The bikes where amazing and so were many of the names of the shops that built them. This was when those bike building shows were on the TV, so seeing a reworked 70's Kawasaki by Yellow Corn Racing was a heavy contrast. Trever and I came up with the Panda Magic Moto name as a equal part humor/homage to some of our favorite Japanese builders."

"The bike is a 72 Honda CL450. These were first dual over head cam production bikes, called the Black Bomber they were also Honda's first attempt at a big bike for the US market."

STILL BY HAND Reversible Wool Vest (2 colors avail), MIANSAI Screw Cuff Noir, KIRIKO Shibori Print Button Up

"This bike is a "bitsa" as they say, inspired by "desert sleds" and flat track race bikes. It has a Kawasaki Z1R fork with the big rotor, Grimeca dual piston caliper, wide Sun alloy rims, custom 2 in to 1 exhaust, Mikuni carbs on manifolds, Bore tech ignition....I could go on for awhile."  Yeah, we know.

 STILL BY HAND Hooded Button Up Coat


STILL BY HAND Houndstooth Knit Sweater, MIANSAI Silver Oxidized Bracelet, RAINIER BEER personal collection

Thanks Travis for letting us crash your space and drink your beer.  Stop by the shop and test drive some of these pieces for yourself!

Cheers - H+A


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